The World Fashion Council


Our ambition is to strategically position Multicultural fashion in the global fashion economy. We identified pillars through which we have focused our energy and the support so generously provided by organisations, individuals and global influencers from other sectors.


The main mission of the WORLD Fashion Council is to bridge the local designers with the global market, assist the talents on developing their brands from A to Z, guide them into the right path, insert them into the right market internationally, and put standards on the quality of production and the brand image. In addition, assist them with the production process of their collection.


The WORLD Fashion Council will guide the Fashion Schools which are part of the council into a high profile educative curricula meeting the international levels. Each fashion scholar studying at any School member of the Council will have a profile in our database to finally admit him/her after the graduation into becoming a member of the WFC after passing an exam held once each year.





One of the main aims of the WORLD Fashion Council is to organise and elevate the brand and corporate image of our fashion designers, by providing them with the complete consulting by the expertise of our International Advisers plus the affiliate Services Agencies and Production Company.


One of the main aims of the WORLD Fashion Council is to organise and elevate the brand and corporate image of our fashion designers, by providing them with the complete consulting by the expertise of our International Advisers plus the affiliate Services Agencies and Production Company.


The WORLD Fashion Council will admit photographers as a mission into developing their talents and giving them all the support connecting them with the global market and exposure internationally. Through the lens of our talents we will bring forward the success stories of our designers.


Blogging is one of the new talents in the fashion culture, it nourishes the industry and keeps its fans updated with the latest happenings, events, lines, and trends. The WORLD Fashion Council valuably estimates the importance of this talent and opens in front of the bloggers the door to become an associated member of the WFC. A successful application will admit the blogger into the Council whom will be endorsed by the ‘Blogger Pass ID’


The magazines are the image of the fashion culture in the society and the WORLD Fashion Council takes into consideration the importance of working with the press to achieve an international image that could communicate to every other culture worldwide.


Get benefits of the technology offered by the 21 century and adopt a future framework to contribute for preserve the resources of our planet, improving our way of life. Ecological fashion rank on the priority list of the WORLD Fashion Council.


The World Fashion Council aims to:


MAIN: the development of the region by contribution of fashion in changing the world for a better environment and peace connection through fashion in the world, this includes:

  • Represent the highest values ​​of fashion and style, and to protect, coordinate, promote, monitor and enhance the image of multicultural fashion in the world;
  • Protect the legitimate interests of the sector and, where necessary, of the associates;
  • Coordinate the energies of individuals and / or legal entities, which, by virtue of their particular skills and / or expertise can and will make a positive contribution to the development, enhancement and better knowledge of the costume, style and different Countries fashion, even by comparison with the costume, the style and fashion of other countries;
  • Cooperate with public and private organizations with common interests and goals in order to promote the progress, growth, knowledge, trade and anything else of value for the industry;
  • Be a point of reference and privileged interlocutor to national and international initiatives that have to do with the style, costume and fashion;
  • Promote research and experimentation in the various fields of activity.
  • Valorisation of different resources and heritage in the area of Fashion and Luxury, by strategically promoting them through fashion industry events that involve the participation as creators of the fashion.
  • Dissemination of information of historical cultural studies and research, including publications, events, meetings, seminars and courses aimed at raising awareness and cultural growth of the members on the subject of fashion and not only, but also integration with foreign art cultures.
  • Creation of networks between designers and manufacturers both locally and internationally, through activities aimed at bringing together supply and demand for the development of local production.
  • Protect the legitimate interests of the sector and, where necessary, of the associates;
  • Create permanent relations between the Council and the most representative Educational Institutions, to promote projects of studies and research on style, on the lifestyle and fashion, possibly through international scholarships;
  • Guide the universities; members of the Council, into quality standard educational study plan adopting a model plan from an European prestigious partner university or school of fashion.
  • Automatically admit the new graduates from the universities approved by the Council annually after passing an official exam that certifies their level.
  • Promotion of cultural growth in the fashion industry at the local level, working with cultural and sociological events that directly involve members and Fashion Designers of different countries or Designers and fashionistasinterested in the territory


  • To promote the development of fashion through the organization, fashion shows and fashion events, conventions, conferences and exhibitions in general, and the adoption of initiatives designed to better understanding of the problems relating to the areas concerned;
  • Draw up programs, reports and publications for the promotion of Multicultural fashion;
  • Carry out, promote or give its sponsorship of conferences, seminars and training courses and advanced courses for preparing young people for the exercise of the various professions in the field and the development of craft skills and manufacturing of various territories;
  • Provide work assistance and advice, if required, for the industry; point and find, through surveys and specialized conventions privileged financial instrument as the implementation of the initiatives listed above;
  • Take initiatives to enhance the historical archives and documents of artistic and technical members of the individual members, coordinating and / or collaborating with other public and private entities, who may be affected to the same problem;
  • Enter into agreements for radio and television broadcast transmission cycles for single or with governmental or private communications in the press service of advertising and public relations;
  • Coordinate cooperation with ministries, regions, provinces, municipalities, public and private corporations, business associations, in the interest of the members and in particular with the authorities responsible for the protection and dissemination of style, costume and fashion;
  • Conduct, in case it is useful to improve the operation of the Association and to the needs of internal discipline, the division of members to areas of competence, based on the categories to which they belong;
  • Prepare projects for financing of multi-annual programs, also contemplating the development strategies of institutional events and trade promotion of fashion,style and costume in the world or other initiatives of this kind in the World;
  • Adopt regulations, in which, in accordance with institutional aims of the Association are set out guidelines for the company’s activities as well as individuals or groups and categories of members or organs within this;
  • Promote and carry out any other activity of any kind related to the achievement of its objectives or deemed useful by the Assembly orby the Higher Management.
  • The WORLD Fashion Council may perform all acts as well as take all appropriate measures to achieve the aims set out above, including the acquisition of titles to any external association. It may participate in other cultural associations or institutions and will give assistance to its Members.
  • The organisation will operate for the exclusive pursuit of the purposes outlined above, is expressly precluded any activity aimed at different purposes.